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Our Experience

The  development and the globalization of the Central American area, impelled us to accept the challenge of establishing a link of the Logistical Chain, in the field of the Marine Transport, toasting to the countries exporters and the marine companies, a company of professionals Marine Surveyors in Central America that could support them with Ethics and Dedication, in the representation and in the Supervision of its Cargo and Equipment. 


At the present time we are the company of more renameand prestige in the marine field in the area, with own offices in the ports and borders of Guatemala and the Central American countries.  
We have correspondents in the main ports of the world, to coordinate the logistics and to give support to the importations/Exportations that are operated in this area. 

Our mission is to achieve the good, sustained and profitable growth, offering at the client the reliable service and certificate of its merchandises that enter and departure from the country, with absolute domain of what happens in this inspections, with the best competitive costs in the region.


Our inspectors where graduated in nautical academies of Latin America,  they worked for a lot of time on board of marine merchant ships of different types and as agents in maritime ports, for more  of 15 years. Our auxiliary and support personnel, it fulfills periodic courses of upgrade and training, to maintain a high stándar of professionalism.


  • They are experts of the whole Logistics, Operation, Handling, Commercialization and Marketing of the shipping marine field.
  • We have carried out the Batimetric Studies  in most of ports of Central America, being the base for the development of the region.  
  • We have inspected the Refrigerated Units, Gent-Sets and Chassis for companies like APL, Maersk.Sealand, Chiquita White Fleet. 
  • Our Inspections and Certifications of Cargo,  are endorsed by the American Marine Surveyors AMS.


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